Life Force Energy Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher


during a healing session i work with the energy of unconditional divine love, which can take on many different expressions. 


one of these is reiki, or universal life force energy.


reiki works by intuitively moving through your energetic field to harmonize and balance your vibration, helping to heal physical and emotional ailments resulting from lacking or obstructed energy flow.


one immediate result people often comment on after a session is a feeling of lightness, relaxation, and increased clarity.

it's like a deep restorative massage, but for your energy field!


according to quantum physics the nature of our universe is pure energy, which is unrestricted by the constraints of time and space, making it possible to transmit healing energies across any distance.
i'm available to provide distance energy healing as well as in-person or distance space clearing for your home/business/event. 


you can contact me to set up an appointment at 347.977.2681 or email me at 


i'm always honored, delighted and excited to deliver these sacred healing gifts to you with my own personal touch of boundless love!


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