by way of a long-lived stint in corporate america‚Äôs highly fluoresced offices, sometime designer, sometime artist, perpetual culinary alchemist, and inveterate sesquipedalian yesica iris mirambeaux has turned her focus on the non-physical healing arts, which she now practices from her new home amidst colorado's majestic rocky mountains.


as a healer, she is a suryashakti-attuned reiki master/teacher and akashic records specialist, incorporating elements of her ongoing studies in pranic healing, shamanic healing, the ancient practice of sat nam rasayan, and tibetan buddhist healing practices into her work. 


she continually seeks to broaden her practice through different channels, including intensive studies in the art of energetic healing with suzy meszoly and the master teachers, sound healing with with the live in tune group, and ongoing studies in various branches of the yogic and meditative arts. 


she is also an ordained minister through the universal life church, able to perform wedding ceremonies, funerals and baptisms honoring all religions and/or systems of belief.


contact yesica at 347.977.2681 or if you wish to book an appointment.




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